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Potable Water Treatment

Sterling water Technologies is well positioned to treat a wide range of Treatment Applications found in today’s potable water treatment industry. Whether you are trying to find new technologies capable of meeting today’s more stringent water quality parameters or looking for alternative products to reduce costs while maintaining quality treatment Sterling can help.

Applications & Problem Solving

Corrosion Inhibitors, Sequestering & Scale Control

The long term effects of corrosion can become costly as increased maintenance costs or replacement of mains, valves and treatment equipment occurs. Corrosion and corrosion byproducts from the distribution system can cause aesthetic problems due to red or black water staining and/or unsightly turbidity. They can also be a reason for health concerns by releasing lead, asbestos fibers or other contaminants into the flow.

As a primary manufacturer of corrosion inhibitors and sequestrants, Sterling Water Technologies offers one of the most comprehensive lines of products spanning a full range of chemistry in the marketplace today. Although many competitors may only offer a few products, Sterling believes that having an expanded product line allows us to assist you in choosing the exact product needed to treat your particular treatment issue. Sterling offers a full line of corrosion inhibitors and sequestrants including Orthophosphates, Zinc Orthophosphates, Polyphosphates, Zinc Polyphosphates, Ortho Polyphosphates and Multi-Component blends. Sterling’s lines of products are available in dry or liquid formulations to meet your specific requirements. Ask a Sterling Specialist to assist you in selecting your optimal treatment method to get your corrosion under control.

  • PolyPhosphates

  • OrthoPolyPhosphates

  • Zinc OrthoPhosphates

  • Zinc PolyPhosphates

  • OrthoPhosphates

  • Silicates & Silicate/Phosphate Blends

Coagulation, Flocculation & Filter Aid

Today’s treatment needs require more than the coagulants of old (alum/ferric) can deliver. Low raw water alkalinities, cold water temperatures, color removal, etc are just some of the major factors in today’s water treatment needs. In addition the need to reduce solids residuals present their own challenges.

Sterling offers the most complete line of specialty cationic polymers used as primary coagulants, coagulant aids and filter aids in the treatment of potable water. All of these potable water grade products are NSF/ANSI 60 certification. Potable water approved anionic and nonionic dry and emulsion products. Request a Sterling Water Specialist to assist you determine the best option to reach your coagulation and flocculation goals.

 Solid Thickening & Dewatering

Both solid thickening and dewatering can foster great reductions in solid disposal costs. There are various processes and equipment to reach goals in solid disposal and most can be improved with the addition of an applicable Sterling Chemical. Even when a facility may feel that they have reached their maximum solid percentage, this might not always be true.  If your current solid thickening and dewatering processes are not reaching their full potential please contact a Sterling Representative to let us help. Contact a Sterling Representative to unlock the full potential of your current solid thickening and dewatering equipment.

Taste & Odor

There are a variety of causes of taste and odor issues. Most unpleasant tastes and odors are common with the presence of tuberculation build-up within the distribution lines. Polyphosphate chemistries can control the build-up and eventually can remove existing deposits with proper treatment.

By applying the proper chemistry at the proper dosage and point of application, one can rid their system of these unpleasant situations. The key to a successful treatment program is choosing the correct product and applying it at the proper dosage and application point. Please consultant your Sterling Water Technologies representative for assistance in choosing the correct solution for your application.

pH Control & Alkalinity Adjustment

Most biological processes require neutral pH levels for optimal biological activity. Other processes need neutral pH levels to enhance coagulation processes. And still others require a proportionate amount of residual alkalinity to perform properly. Because each treatment facility and each wastewater has individual needs, Sterling Water Tech works with you to carefully define your pH and alkalinity requirements and then assists you in selecting the most appropriate products for your facility. Discuss your pH goals with a Sterling Specialist.

RO & Membrane Applications

Reverse Osmosis is the processes in which pressure is applied to water through a semipermeable membrane. Chemicals can assist in this processes ultimately saving energy and producing a cleaner product. In dealing with membranes it is vitally important to select not only the correct chemical but also the correct dosing. The improper handling of either of these two selections can culminate in an inefficient RO process or in a worst case scenario an inoperative membrane. Consult a Sterling Specialist to assist you in selecting the most appropriate product for your RO system.

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