Every Waste water plant has unique characteristics which must be taken into consideration before recommending the right solution for any issue. Our Specialists have extensive experience in identifying the right treatments, because important characteristics of each product can vary by application and supplier.

Solids Carryover

One of the side effects of a less than optimal Coagulant or Flocculent, or an incorrect dosing can be solid carryover from the clarifier to the filter. In a worst case scenario this can result in the filters being blinded off and a stoppage in treatment. With the world’s largest manufacturer of solids separation technology as our supplier, Sterling Water Specialists have the resources and experience to find the most cost-effective product with outstanding performance. Sterling Water Technologies understands that the selection of inorganic coagulants is an individualized process for each treatment facility, and we review your specific treatment objectives, plant parameters, and treatment goals to determine the most appropriate answers to your wastewater treatment challenges.