Every Waste water plant has unique characteristics which must be taken into consideration before recommending the right solution for any issue. Our Specialists have extensive experience in identifying the right treatments, because important characteristics of each product can vary by application and supplier.

Heavy Metals Levels Exceed Government Standards

Controlling Heavy Metal levels has been a primary focus in Wastewater treatment for a long time, but with new technological advances, the ability to measure smaller and smaller amounts in a plant’s effluent can develop more elaborate challenges. The reduction and removal of heavy metals from waste process flows historically has relied on technologies that utilize hazardous chemicals. While some of these chemistries continue to be used today, there are many new options available that are less toxic to the environment and also provide optimal treatment. Often, to achieve the lower limits of today’s effluent criteria, combinations of several treatment processes are required. Having all of these technologies available makes Sterling Water Technologies a valuable partner in determining the most cost-effective treatment program for your requirements.