Every Waste water plant has unique characteristics which must be taken into consideration before recommending the right solution for any issue. Our Specialists have extensive experience in identifying the right treatments, because important characteristics of each product can vary by application and supplier.

Odor Control

Whether your odors are from a liquid, solid or unknown vapor, we have the solution for you.

  • State of the art Vapor phase green chemistry that is completely odorless and eliminates the odors on contact.
  • Custom made, proven Liquid phase H2S removal.

Odors associated with the collection and treatment of waste waters are often a challenge to deal with and represents a detriment not only to the treatment process from corrosion, but also to the surrounding infrastructure and neighboring community. However, not all treatment remedies perform cost-effectively in all applications. Sterling Water Technologies offers a diverse odor control product line and is prepared to evaluate your specific issues and provide the most cost effective products to meet your needs. Don’t contain or mask odors, remove them at the source to prevent corrosion issues and health risks.

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