Sterling water Technologies is well positioned to treat a wide range of Treatment Applications found in today’s potable water treatment industry. Whether you are trying to find new technologies capable of meeting today’s more stringent water quality parameters or looking for alternative products to reduce costs while maintaining quality treatment Sterling can help.

Taste & Odor Complaints

No water treatment plant wants or even has the time to deal with Taste & Odor complaints. The bad publicity associated with such events can be detrimental to any organization. There are a variety of causes of taste and odor issues. Most unpleasant tastes and odors are common with the presence of tuberculation build-up within the distribution lines. Polyphosphate chemistries can control the build-up and eventually can remove existing deposits with proper treatment.

By applying the proper chemistry at the proper dosage and point of application, one can rid their system of these unpleasant situations. The key to a successful treatment program is choosing the correct product and applying it at the proper dosage and application point. Please consultant your Sterling Water Technologies representative for assistance in choosing the correct solution for your application.