Sterling water Technologies is well positioned to treat a wide range of Treatment Applications found in today’s potable water treatment industry. Whether you are trying to find new technologies capable of meeting today’s more stringent water quality parameters or looking for alternative products to reduce costs while maintaining quality treatment Sterling can help.

Increasing Cost of Operation & Chemical Optimization

Some water treatment facilities may find that a chemical which once worked wonders on their system is no longer showing the expected results. This can be caused by a multitude of reasons. In some cases it  can require an adjustment in dosing, in other cases it can be the result of a change in the water source or system that can make the previous chemical no longer optimal or even obsolete.

Many different chemicals can be used to treat a multitude of issues in a water treatment system. But although a chemical may show promising results, there may be a more efficient chemical or a more suitable dosing for the current chemical being used. Please contact a Sterling Representative to find out if your system is fully optimized and cost efficient.

Services Include: