“Objectively defining water and
waste water treatment solutions.”

The Sterling Mission

Through our dedicated, highly trained employees and wide range of treatment options and chemistries, Sterling Water Technologies LLC strives to be the best supplier of quality specialty water and wastewater treatment products in the United States.

The Sterling History

Initially founded in 1985 as Sweetwater Technologies, Sterling Water Technologies LLC began with the premise that service and quality products make a difference. This philosophy has served the company well throughout its history as sales have grown to span the continental USA.

As the company grew, the sales and order processing offices relocated from California to central Tennessee in order to better serve our national customer base. With our multiple distribution networks and manufacturing facilities, Sterling is now able to provide technical advice and supply its products to virtually any location with in the USA.

In 2007 Sweetwater Technologies was acquired by George S. Coyne Chemical Co., Inc., in an effort to provide a venue for meeting the demands of new treatment regulations and the need to source raw materials worldwide. Coyne Chemical was founded in 1868 as an importer of chemicals for an ever growing industrial nation. Coyne grew as an importer and became a distributor for many of today’s leading chemical manufacturers. Today it is the oldest continuous private / family owned and operated chemical distribution company in the country.

Celebrating 30 years in 2015, Sterling with its trained staff of experts has been making recommendations to treat a wide diversity of water chemistries and distribution systems. Treatment issues are typically complex with an almost infinite combination of conditions. This is why Sterling believes the best solution for any specific treatment objective is to have as complete a line of chemistries available with a trained and knowledgeable staff who can determine the correct treatment solution.